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Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions - Guru Ji Travels 
Thank you for visiting Guru Ji Travels! We are overjoyed to have you with us as we travel the world. Please take a time to go over our Terms & Conditions before starting your thrilling journey to guarantee a comfortable and pleasurable trip.

1. Booking and Payment: 
Depending on the particular trip package, you might need to pay a deposit or the whole amount to guarantee your reservation. 
Payments can be done through our safe online payment site, a bank transfer, or any other ways mentioned when making the reservation. 
Please be aware that your reservation may be cancelled if funds are not made on time.

2. Cancellations and Refunds: 
Please let us know as soon as you can if you need to cancel so we can check the cancellation terms for your particular reservation. 
The parameters of your chosen trip package and the date of cancellation will be used to evaluate your eligibility for a refund. 
Administrative costs and other non-refundable charges incurred by Guru Ji Travels may be deducted from refunds.

3. Travel Insurance: 
We strongly advise all visitors to purchase complete travel insurance to guard against unforeseen events including trip cancellations, medical crises, and travel delays. 
Any costs or damages arising from occurrences not covered by travel insurance are not the responsibility of Guru Ji Travels.

4. Itinerary and Travel Changes: 
While we make every attempt to stick to the schedule, unforeseen circumstances may necessitate changes while you're travelling. 
Due to safety concerns, adverse weather, or other unforeseen events, Guru Ji Travels retains the right to alter or substitute any portion of the itinerary.

5. Health and Medical Requirements: 
You are in charge of making sure you adhere to all health and medical standards for the place you have selected to vacation. 
Please consult your healthcare provider and relevant authorities to obtain necessary vaccinations and travel advisories.

6. Travel Documents: 
Each traveller entering their selected location must have a valid passport and all necessary visas or permissions. 
Any problems brought on by invalid or inadequate travel papers are not the responsibility of Guru Ji Travels.

7. Conduct and Responsibility: 
All visitors are expected to act responsibly and respectfully towards other tourists, tour guides, residents, and the environment. 
Any traveller whose actions endanger the safety or enjoyment of others may have their itinerary cancelled by Guru Ji Travels.

8. Limitation of Liability: 
Any losses, damages, injuries, or expenditures incurred during the trip—including but not limited to delays, mishaps, or the loss of personal items—shall not be the responsibility of Guru Ji Travels. 
You agree to free Guru Ji Travels from any liability stemming from such incidences by making a reservation with us.

9. Data Protection: 
Your privacy is important to us, and we will treat your personal data in line with our Privacy Policy.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: 
The laws of INDIA govern these terms and conditions. The courts of INDIA shall have sole jurisdiction over all disputes. 
You confirm that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to abide by these Terms & Conditions by moving forward with the reservation. On your trips with Guru Ji Travels, we look forward to making priceless memories with you. Travel safely!